Parfyme (DK)

- Online voting, documentation and live event

The New Tribe is the latest project from Parfyme. In a utopian and humorous way, Parfyme’s project is exploring the conditions for a new, potential community as a response to the environmental and resource-related challenges the world is facing. Here at RETHINK’s website you can vote on which values should apply to the new tribe – e.g. what kind of food the tribe should eat, what form of governance it should employ – and you can add alternatives, thereby affecting the tribe’s way of life.

The projects executed by Parfyme often take place in the public space and involve local citizens. The ideas and attitudes that other people bring into their projects form a crucial part of their artistic material. In The New Tribe this material consists of information and ideas from the ballot papers, input which Parfyme will process and test in the real world on an ongoing basis. Thus, the project will gradually take shape over the course of the exhibition period, and the results of the study will be made public at an event held the 17th of January 2010 12.00. Meeting point: under the clock at the Central Station.