Three visionary and visually spectacular mind trips

There are plenty of reasons to get used to the idea of nature being the object of beyond human control. Therefore the programme includes these three cinematic simulations from the Austrian experimental scene, “au naturel”. “Vertigo Rush” (Johann Lurf, 2007) starts with a slow and soundless Hitchcock-zoom, ending in a pulsating and electrically glowing mindfuck, as if Paul Sharits and Michael Snow redid the last scene of Kubrick’s “2001”. “Trifter 1” (Rainer Gamsjäger, 2007) is a quiet, yet not less puzzling and effective undermining of the romantic notion about nature as the last guarantor of reliable representation. And “Night Sweat” (Siegfried A. Fruhauf) copies the forces of the climate in a stroboscopic and deafening fashion. NB: The movies can be dangerous for people with epilepsies.

Vertigo Rush', Johann Lurf, Austria, 2007
'Trifter 1', Rainer Gamsjäger, Austria, 2007
Night Sweat', Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2007