Ghost Society: Tankograd live

Director: Boris Bertram Denmark 2009, 58 min.

Blue Foundations’ new project, Ghost Society, deliver a round of radioactive poetic imagery in Tankograd Live. Ghost Society – aka Sara Savery (People Press Play) & Bichi (Blue Foundation) perform this new and ambitious, audiovisual work in collaboration with filmmaker Boris Bertram and his new movie “Tankograd”. The movie is about the city Tjeljabinsk, which is the world’s most polluted city – its radioactive level makes Tjernobyl look healthy in comparison! The soundtrack for the movie is by Ghost Society, whose members include Tobias Bertram - the brother of the director of “Tankograd”. After the movie, Ghost Society will perform their brand-new live show, consisting of Ghost Society’s soundtrack and new compositions from their up-and-coming full-length album, to the amazing still-photos from Tankograd’s movie. The projected images and the music combine to create a unique audiovisual work – performed for the first time ever. The point of departure is Ghost Society’s phenomenal soundtrack. A soundtrack that bears witness to Sara Savery’s and Tobias Bertram’s extensive experience about film music – for instance Bertram’s music in “Twilight”, Per Fly’s “Drabet” and Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice”. We guarantee a powerful and radiant musical and filmic experience out of the ordinary.

Presented in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute and the National Gallery of Denmark
Tickets are 110 DKK and are sold at