Lecture: an artist, a computer scientist and hyperkinetic kayak

Lecture at Moesgård Museum on the 22nd November, 2pm-3pm 
By Jette Gejl and Peter Møller Nielsen

The artwork “Hyperkinetic Kayak” can be seen in the exhibition RETHINK Information at Moesgård Museum until the 10th of January. “Hyperkinetic Kayak” is a virtual universe constructed as an abstract ice sea. The ice sea is 3D stereoscopic, making the experience spatial with 3D-specs. The audio depends on your location in the ice sea, which enhances the illusion of actually being present.  By using oneself, “Hyperkinetic Kayak” is a way for the visitor to interact with the ice sea; a piece of nature that few of us will ever experience in real life.

The artwork is created by visual artist Jette Gejl and computer scientist Peter Møller-Nielsen. Hear a first-hand account of the croos-section between contemporary art and technology, when Jette Gejl and Peter Møller-Nielsen tell about their installations, technology  and the cooperation between an artist and a computer scientist. The lecture is free for visitors at the museum.

Jette Gejl is a visual artist and external lecturer at Department of Aesthetics Studies, Aarhus University. Peter Møller-Nielsen is a lecturer at Computer Science, Aarhus University. Since 1997, he has collaborated with Jette Gejl.