Hypnosis-performance by SuperfLex

Sunday 6/12, 3pm-5pm
At Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center 

Experience the climate changes from a new angle with the performance The Cockroach
Artist group Superflex contributes to REHTINK Kakotopia in an alternative way. Through hypnosis, a selected audience will experience climate changes - the rising water level, hurricanes and unnatural temperatures - through the eyes of a cockroach!

The performace is exclusive and has only room for 25 participants. The hypnosis is a part of a series of hypnosis-performances in relation to climate changes. 

The 6 performances are:
The Cockroach, Copenhagen, 2009
The Eagle, Dhaka, 2012
The Jelly Fish, Rio De Janeiro, 2015
The Polar Bear, Møn, 2020
The Mosquito, Illulissat, 2025
The Mammoth, Zanzibar, 2050

The hypnosis is performed by hypnotist Bo Groth Christensen.
To participate, please contact Anne Julie Arnfred at: aja@kunsthallennikolaj.dk